Mysterious “Acoustic Attacks” Affect 21 American Diplomats in Cuba

Over the past months, 21 American diplomats were victims of “acoustic attacks” that caused a slew of bizarre health problems such as hearing loss and brain injury. Other symptoms include problems with concentration and memory, an inability to recall specific words, tinnitus, a loud ringing in the ears, nausea, problems with balance and nosebleeds.

The attacks occurred in several locations in Cuba, such as private homes and the top floor of the recently renovated Hotel Capri in Havana. Officials claim they are baffled by the laser-like precision of the “acoustic attacks”, which have been reported to be confined to specific rooms or event parts of rooms.

In one case an American diplomat staying at a hotel in Havana claimed he was jolted awake by a “blaring, grinding” noise.

When he got out of bed and moved a few feet away, there was silence. When he climbed back into bed the agonizing sound hit him again.

Soon he suffered hearing loss and speech problems — symptoms that are both similar and quite different from those experienced by many other Americans in Cuba.
– ABC News, US diplomats in Cuba hit with mysterious ‘acoustic’ attacks, causing hearing loss and brain injury

Officials at State Department believe that employees at the US embassy in Havana are targeted by a “covert sonic device” that causes various symptoms and even brain injury.

In several episodes recounted by U.S. officials, victims knew it was happening in real time, and there were strong indications of a sonic attack.

Some felt vibrations, and heard sounds — loud ringing or a high-pitch chirping similar to crickets or cicadas. Others heard the grinding noise. Some victims awoke with ringing in their ears and fumbled for their alarm clocks, only to discover the ringing stopped when they moved away from their beds.

The attacks seemed to come at night. Several victims reported they came in minute-long bursts.

Yet others heard nothing, felt nothing. Later, their symptoms came.

While some victims recovered from the attacks, others suffered permanent hearing loss and even traumatic brain injury (i.e. a concussion).

Various experts weighed into the issue and many believe that these symptoms cannot be caused by acoustics alone. Some say that targeted localized beams of sound are possible, but the laws of acoustics suggest that such a device would be too big to conceal. Others claim that no single sonic gadget could explain the array of symptoms.

“Brain damage and concussions, it’s not possible,” said Joseph Pompei, a former MIT researcher and psychoacoustics expert. “Somebody would have to submerge their head into a pool lined with very powerful ultrasound transducers.”
AP, Cuba mystery grows: New details on what befell US diplomats

While a fog of mystery surrounds the identity of the weapon used to carry out these “acoustic attacks”, another mystery is also unresolved:

Who is Behind This?

Although several theories are floating around regarding the culprits of the attacks, no clear answer has surfaced. The Cuban government has vehemently denied ordering this covert operation. An official statement from the Cuban government stated:

“Cuba has never, nor would it ever, allow that the Cuban territory be used for any action against accredited diplomatic agents or their families, without exception.”

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called on Cuba to find the culprits.

“We do hold the Cuban authorities [responsible] for the safety and security of all of our people,” he said last month. “So we hold the Cuban authorities responsible for finding out who it is carrying out these health attacks.”

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on Thursday:

“The investigation into all of this is still under way. It is an aggressive investigation. We will continue doing this until we find out who or what is responsible for this.”

Some believe that a third party country could be behind the attacks – namely Russia – in order to test top-secret sonic weapons or to harass US officials.

These events are reminiscent of the infamous Moscow signal attacks from the 1970’s which involved the KGB “zapping” the US embassy building with microwaves. Not unlike the current case in Cuba, the Amercian government appeared unwilling to reveal the true cause and purpose of these invisible attacks.

According to this 1988 article about the Moscow signal, a theory suggested that “the Soviets were trying to induce psychological, behavioral or physiological effects among American personnel”.

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Well it’s definitely not a test. you don’t test a weapon like DEW’s on diplomats, you do that on a random joe. Cuba being behind it is too easy, Russia doesn’t seem right either. It could be the CIA with backing of the elite to take out these diplomats especially and make it look like it was Cube. I mean come on, if it was Cuba they’re pretty damned dumb to do this in their own hotel!

Not only Russia can do this kind of stuff.
The question is also, who would benefit from this? If it’s supposed to look like someone did it, then this would point to someone wanting to hurt Cuba, but that’s not sure. At the same time they definitely hurt and disabled these diplomats. So the question is: what did/do these diplomats stand for? For whom or what or which side were they fighting? – Openly or covertly. Or were they about to discover something?
It must have been big/important enough for someone to go to such lengths. It would call way less attention if someone “accidentally” died in a car crash … maybe not if it was so many people at once. So the next question is: Why hurt them in this specific way? Was it just a warning? If someone has brain injury, that’s more than a warning, that would take them out of politics completely. It could only be a warning to someone else, but still: why hurt them in a way that so obviously points to someone powerful?

The us is doing it to blame others for it. I bet the workers themselves are doing being ordered to “self harm” and then all recount the same story so they can blame the Cubans or Russians. If they blame the Cubans they’ll have a cause to invade them for “attacking” their workers. If it was the Russians they’ll say they’re initiating war against them and only push the agenda towards war with Russia and North Korea

“Who is Behind This?” Ultimately, Satan is – working through his lackeys here on Earth. It doesn’t even matter trying to understand the technicalities of this particular attack, and any theorizing about it is going to be only that: guesses. Concepts such as nations, intelligence agencies, agendas etc etc all merely serve to clutter the mind an to conceal the obvious fact: That there are two primary forces working in this world and in the Human mind itself: The Light, and the Dark. We have already identified that there are individuals working to bring as much darkness into the world as possible, and we know the kind of technologies that would enable this kind of acoustic attack (and worse) exists. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point that there are forces that would be entirely willing to employ these kind of measures for their own purposes – we have seen *far* worse than this. I don’t necessarily buy the hypothesis that ‘the Russians’ are behind it. What people need to understand, however, is that it ultimately *doesn’t matter* who is to blame for this particular incident – all governments, whether it’s in the East or West, are run by… Read more »

I don’t think it is Russia. Maybe it is Venezuela? Or Mexico? Both nations are in turmoil. Both have reason to test a weapon on Americans in Cuba. It could also be Saudi Arabia, as they were part of the group that did 911. Someone is testing a weapon. Someone did not murder them, only used them on various settings of the weapon, from less to more. The person with the concussion probably had a higher setting on the weapon than the one with a temporary hearing loss. I bet you could turn it all the way up and have people die, bleeding from the ears, as their brain explodes. They better find this weapon before someone uses it on others. Who knows, maybe it is another Shadow Government weapon? You can’t believe anything you hear on corporate news, so it’s hard to say. One thing is sure, it is a new weapon, it works and someone very mean has it.

Could be the US government as well trying to make another country the scapegoat like they did with 9/11

We could have winner here! John, show the contestant what they’re about to win! (slight pause) It’s… a new car!

Seriously, the U$ through the unlawful acts of their spooks, the MIC and CIA, has been doing this since the re-public was changed to democracy in 1865. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain… he’s acting on your behalf. (Wink, wink).

The so-called diplomats were working for the great satan, as Saddam correctly put it. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Their intent was probably righteous, which makes the “acoustic attacks” even more evil, if there are subtle levels of evil.

Have a nice day.

Cuba is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Iran, North Korea and Cuba. By 2003, Afghanistan and Iraq were taken, and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone.

That’s true, it could be to test the weapon. Though I don’t think that the choice of victims is random. They could easily test their weapon on people no one would miss or care, if they’ve been injured. So if they’re testing, they’re also after some other goal. That’s also one of the principles of the elite: one action has to ideally serve more than one goal, otherwise it’s not effective.

It could also be another Mossad weapon test.

Funny how now even this site knee-jerks to blaming Russia. Too convenient.

“Funny” but not amusing… maybe peculiar. Nah, telling, is better. Ideology derived from indoctrinated self-loathing. A belief system based upon the assertion that you were born a sinner perhaps.

It’s not a random choice. Russia is one of the countries that invest in weapons, there is a tension between it and USA at the current moment and since the USSR it is in a good relationship with Cuba. So it is convenient to blame Russia, but not foolish.

Russia’s style HAARP???

On the same day this story broke, the US government and the MSM already blamed the Cuban government like it was a forgone conclusion. This alone made me very sceptical about what I was reading. For me, everything points at this being America rather than Russia, attacking its own people on foreign soil, then accusing the host country – who just so happen to be one of the last three non-Rothschild banking countries.

But this must be one of the most bizarre false flags I’ve heard of. We keep hearing that EMP-like devices will soon be used for terrorism, but “acoustic” weapons is just too ridiculous. I think they might have over-played their hand on this occasion and the public will likely laugh it off. I know many people scoffed at the BBC for the way they reported this.

Eerie. Kate Bush has a song called Experiment IV that seems to predict this.

Hmm. Somewhat light article that seems to be leading nowhere! Do we think it was Russia? Chechens? Cuba or North Korea? Seems most can’t decide. Is the USA not in the frame for another false flag? Orchestrate the whole thing? I would guess the USA up to their old tricks whilst trying to deflect the attention on to anybody but themselves and create some confusion into the mix.