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The Guardian Journalist Rants About the “Evils of Testosterone” 

In the article entitled Now we men can blame our hormones: testosterone is trouble, The Guardian feature writer and editor Phil Daoust bluntly states: “testosterone makes you stupid”. In the conclusion, he rants about “the evils of testosterone”. How can a naturally-occurring hormone be considered “evil”? Welcome to media madness.

Tagged as “medical research”, the article is a clear example of today’s hypocritical double-standards in mass media where sexism against men is acceptable while the opposite is outrageous. Citing a less-than-convincing “study”, the author dwells into the ugly (yet acceptable) realm of sexism against men, even throwing Donald Trump and the made-up word “mansplaining” into this incoherent mix.

The article begins with the author describing himself as “thoughtful, Fawcett Society-supporting man who lowers the toilet seat after peeing, even when he has the house to himself”. That is good to know.

Before going further into bashing men and their hormones, the author warns us that women are also subject to hormonal disruption. However, one should never, ever mention it.

It’s too easy – and tempting – to dismiss a woman’s actions or opinions because it’s “that time of the month”. Mostly it isn’t. Many women are lucky enough to escape PMS. And even when they don’t, sometimes she’s still right and you’re still wrong.

Later in the article, the same author writes:

But for now at least they now have another way to fight the scourge of mansplaining: “You’re talking out of your nuts.”

Therefore, it is not OK to mention female hormones because it is condescending. However, it is OK to shut up men by telling them: “You’re talking out of your nuts.” How can this blatant double-standard not burn the author’s eyes?

To prove his claims about testosterone being “evil”, the author cites a study which was based on rubbing gel on men and asking them questions.

Having persuaded 243 men to smear their torsos with either a placebo or a testosterone gel (…), the scientists gave them a “cognitive reflection test” designed to assess their ability to answer tricky questions where their first, intuitive answer was likely to be wrong*. Those who had rubbed themselves with testosterone rather than the placebo answered 20% fewer questions correctly – while remaining convinced they were right.

The study concludes that there’s “a clear and robust causal effect of testosterone on human cognition and decision-making”.

The author then writes.

To put it bluntly, testosterone makes you stupid.

That is not what the study says. It mentions impulsivity and intuition, two vital qualities to survive in nature. Could you imagine an article that stated: “To put it bluntly, estrogen makes you stupid”. The outrage.

In a non-necessary leap of the imagination, the author then associates the evils of testosterone with the evils of Donald Trump.

 It may explain Donald Trump and his half-cocked willy-waggling. Perhaps it’s not the president’s brain that’s running things, but the Leydig cells in his testicles.

Can you imagine an article associating the evils of estrogen with Angela Merkel? The outrage.

The author then proceeds to throw the made-up word “mansplaining” into the mix, effectively evacuating all objectivity from the piece and bathing in the dirty water of agenda-pushing.

Women aren’t entirely off the hook – their bodies also produce testosterone, though in smaller quantities, and the Caltech study notes that “it remains to be tested whether the effect is generalisable to females” – but for now at least they now have another way to fight the scourge of mansplaining: “You’re talking out of your nuts.”

Words and concepts such as “mansplaining” are part of a clear agenda: Justifying hate between genders. It is about hate, and they are fueling it.

The author then ends bizarrely about him being free from the “evils of testosterone” which makes him “quite a catch”. Maybe he needs a refresher course on how nature works.

Better still, with the evils of testosterone firmly established, the world may learn to appreciate older men. Around the age of 30, no longer “young, dumb and full of cum”, we typically find our testosterone levels declining, so that with every day that passes we become less aggressive, more rational and generally nicer. Your average 54-year-old – to pick an age entirely at random – can now boast that as well as decades of experience, he can draw on ever-larger reserves of self-control. Whether we’re trying to land a beautiful lover or a well-paid job, that should make us quite a catch.

Most comments following the article thankfully brought some sanity to this media madness.




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“The article begins with the author describing himself as “thoughtful, Fawcett Society-supporting man who lowers the toilet seat after peeing, even when he has the house to himself”.” – and what else, he also patiently waits for women to hold doors for him to make amends for all the times in the past it oh-so-wrongfully was the other way around? And he never passes by a dog or cat without petting it so as not to offend it (unless it’s a male cat or dog, of course!), and only uses deodorants with elderberry fragrance? So, this is what it takes to be a writer for ‘the Guardian’. Good to see there’s still journalistic integrity left in this world and the evil testosterone bombs incapable of rational thought haven’t completely taken over. We certainly need these kind of articles to steer of clear of all the ‘fake news’ flying around these days, and to teach us with healthy values. I congratulate Mr Daoust on his refinement in the fields of political correctness, snickering and elite propaganda and wish him good luck with the sex change operation I imagine he/she/it presumably already has on the radar so he can get rid of… Read more »

Any guy will know that this is pish! For a start, testosterone is a key hormone FOR ALL HEALTH within men. The hormone directly effects cognitive ability, higher levels help perpetuate high levels of other systems in the body improving mood, memory and physical endurance/strength.

If anything we should be wondering why it is around half now of what it was in men back in the 70’s. My theory is that we are doing less physical labour and as such we aren’t producing it as much, to add to that we are also consuming far more chemicals. If you are conspiracy minded there is also a theory on remnants of the contraceptive pill being peed out and entering the water supply through water treatment. That would also have an effect on developing males, although we shouldn’t rule out societal pressures entirely; being ‘manly’ is seen as a negative.

If/when I have kids they will be brought up properly and if I have a boy then he will be taught to be a red-bloodied male. After all, when it all hits the fan it is them who will be left standing.

It is due to the fluoride and poisoning foods. Trying to control population.

Exactly, nazis and staline used fluoride in prisons to “control” prisoners. Elite use fluoride to control world population. No surprise, the elites had really really strong connections with nazi and staline behind the scenes.

But I thought gender wasn’t decided by hormones? What if these “men” he’s criticizing identified as “women?” LOL! I mean hormones aren’t really relevant when you can pick your own gender these days…right?

Feminism is a pile of trash.

feminism is cancer.

#mangina At least he didn’t say he peed sitting down. He’s trying to rationalize he’s a great catch while women ignore him and go for the alpha with testosterone pumping through him

If testosterone makes men stupid, then I suppose the author of that article doesn’t have as little testosterone as he wants us to think.

The attack of Masculinity has made Men attack other men! Saying that Testosterone is what make Men stupid is just as stupid! Nature has given us Testosterone for thousands of years and yet here we are still through thick and thin, through War and Famine! It seems to me that the Author himself is trying to attract Women to this article, looking to become famous as he attracts Men of similar mind to rally around him even though he or the Guardian do not believes in their opinion. As a older man saying that we become calmer and more easy to manage is an insult to me and other older men. The reason why we are like that is because we have figured out who we are as well as how to handle other people and our emotions. Its true that our Testosterone does lower with age but yet when push comes to shove we will still get Angry, want sex and fight if need be if we believe we are being attacked for whatever reason. The Guardian needs to stop with allowing these shitty articles as law! Because in reality the article si nothing more than “Click Bait” and… Read more »


Testosterone is present IN WOMEN TOO. Testosterone is IMPORTANT for women because it helps them with:

1) Bone health
2) stamina and energy
3) libido
4) memory recall
5) mood
………………………………….and so much more.

Clearly, this so-called writer has NO IDEA on the biology of the female (or male) body. Hence, testosterone is not the culprit.

We cannot always blame hormones. If that would be the case, we would say: “Women are freaking insane because of the Estrogen. Men are sociopaths because of their testosterone.”

We cannot use biology to blame or excuse bad behaviour. These people fail to see that we are INDIVIDUALS. Hormones play a big part in who we are yes, but it’s NOT the whole picture.

This all brings to mind the self-castration of the priests of Cybele in the ancient world. It seems we just can’t get rid of those who want to chop off their symbolic dick (that shows they’re grown up men) to suckle like children at the tits of the archetypical Big Mama.

We need to understand the polarity between masculinity and femininity. Because the more masculine a man is the more he is going to be attracted to a feminine woman. We can have equal rights without having to be exactly the same and once that we understand that men and women are biologically different the more healthy and happy our society is going to be.

I’m not supporter or purchaser of ‘the grauniad’, but you’re missing the heavily ladled on British sarcasm in this article, and getting your boxer briefs in a twist. As for the testosterone natch it makes dudes a bit dumb and agro sometimes, as does the bent chromeosome and penis nicking blood all the time, and oestrogen makes peeps cry, and some be short tempered, but they, and progesterone, also do fab shiz for us too, so stop taking science so personally. They’re just measuring stuff.

So…. the most beneficial hormone to men’s mental and physical health is “trouble”. Fuck right off, The Guardian

Ive definitely noticed a double standard in the way men are treated by media. The first time I really noticed it was in vancouver. There was a play with the title prominently displayed on the marquee. The title was “the male intellect: an oxymoron”

Can u imagine the outrage if they had chosen any other group of people?

Why even pay attention to this? Whoever wrote the article is obviously not very smart. Testosterone is a natural hormone and there’s nothing wrong with it. Also that article does not represent feminism or feminists and I don’t get why some people are so quick to blame feminism for the article’s stupidity.

Funny how leftist hate natural testosterone in men but love synthetic testosterone injected in women.

Of COURSE men are mocked more these days, even if that’s lame and wrong.

Women have had the vote for less than 100 years & were called “hysterical” in a system where we were considered crazy if we didn’t like being owned. I 100% agree modern standards are different for men & women in a way that’s unfair to men, but there’s a reason for that, much like there’s a reason why it’s currently funnier to mock white people than it is to mock historically oppressed races.

Read a book some time…?

Testosterone does indeed make one less empathetic to others’ emotions, more likely to take dumb risks, and more likely to think with one’s sex drive, which is why so many famous and influential men have cheated. God forbid with we point that out!!!

Sorry to say, but it is the other way around! Testosterone makes you smarter. Why is it then that the fields of physics, mathematics and computer science are utterly dominated by men? There is a direct correlation between increased testosterone and body hair also and apparently hairy men tend to be smarter according to this study (for what it’s worth):

Not surprisingly, Gary Kasparov is hairy as heck and used to be the world’s reigning chess champion several times.

Testosterone might make you more aggressive, but that is totally unrelated to intelligence.

If testosterone made you smarter, geeks would be the manliest (and sexiest) boys at school.
Looks like all reproductive hormones don’t make all people smarter, they make people reproduce. Maybe there are not many articles about it lately, but women are aware of their hormones. It is just not polite to talk about it with men, but women always consider their hormonal cycle in their carrears. So it is not a problem if men know about men hormones too.
And Angela Merkel is not the same as “Trump in a skirt” at all. She is not impulsive in her making decisions and picking frases. Cleopatra was a little too feminine for a politician, I think.

Actually, it’s not testosterone which makes you smarter.

I see you are making a case for “intelligence” and men being smarter then women? No sex is more inteligent than the other. Your argument is invalid. Intelligence is based on;

1) Intelligence is not linked with the biological sex (Male/Female)
2) Neurons – the more connections you have, the smarter you are. You inherit the number of Neurons through your genes, but the more active you make your Brain, the more connections (neurons) you have.
3) amount of Acetylcholine in the brain
4) amount of Norephinerine in the brain
5) amount of Dopamine in the brain

Also, there are many types of intelligence. There is Creativity, IQ (of course), and EQ (Emotional Quotient). All of them are important. Most humans have a combination of the three. Some have predominantly IQ only, which makes them dissociative and socially inept. EQ is equally important. (It is theorized that women have high levels of EQ naturally, due to Estrogen and Progesterone, which are both ‘sympathetic’ hormones.)

I suggest you read about Neurotransmitters. They are more exciting than the usual boring “it’s because of the estrogen/testosterone/progesterone/DHT/prolactin” blame game.

I wasn’t being serious. It was mostly a tongue in cheek reply to a silly argument.

Trolling aside, I think that men are more gifted in 3d spatial cognition so they are naturally capable of handling abstract math and physics. This is one of the reasons why women are usually worse drivers than men because they don’t have the same 3d navigation skills. The cliché comes from there and it has some truth in it.

Women are more natually gifted in social sciences because they have more EQ, as you say. They are also more interested in stuff related to life, so biology is a common interest. Physics, math and engineering is usually boring to most women so they have no interest in learning it either.

All in all there is no real difference between men and women when it comes to intelligence. I have met some truly brilliant female math PhDs in my career and also gifted programmers (the first programmer was actually female : Ada Lovelace).

My apologies for misunderstanding your comment.

I did not know that the first programmer was Ada Lovelace. That’s truly fascinating.

I have always wondered why women [generally] excel in social sciences while males are usually more inclined towards physical sciences and engineering. I wonder if males and females have the capacity to access different parts of the brain and so are able to excel in these ‘opposing’ subjects.

Of course, I am generalizing here. I am usually reluctant to generalize.

I agree that generalizing is not a good thing. Everything depends on the individual. This why the elites want to kill our individuality and replace it with a group mind, so they have more power over us.

Well said!