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Netflix’s New Show “Big Mouth” Pushes the Sexualization of Children

The trailer promoting the new Netflix animated series Big Mouth is a cringy experience and highlights a disturbing agenda in mass media: The sexualization of children. Welcome to media madness.

The series features voices from top names in comedy such as John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen. Despite this impressive (and costly) talent roster, the show will most likely be awful and horrifying. Don’t believe me? This trailer should be enough to convince you. The fact that watching this near 3-minutes long trailer actually feels like 30 minutes is not a good sign.

But here it is. If you’re up for it. You don’t have to watch it.

Here are some lowlights from that trailer.

A horned “hormone monster” (voiced by a grown man) appears in the bedroom of two prepubescent boys and causes one of them to ejaculate.

A father creepily tells his boy that he could “kiss a penis very lightly”.

This prebuscent girl talks to her vagina.

The trailer ends with the monster jokingly saying that Netflix insisted on having this messed up stuff on the series.  There is actually truth to that.

The Agenda Behind Netflix

It only took a few years for Netflix to become one of the world’s largest content creators. This year alone, Netflix is projected to spend over $6 billion dollars in the creation of content.

Of course, with great budget and exposure comes great agenda pushing. A great number of recent Netflix productions are heavily tainted with strong social and political messages – and straight up propaganda.

For instance, the Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World drew severe criticism for bending actual science to cater to specific agenda (read my article about the episode “The Sexual Spectrum” to understand how obvious this was).

For some bizarre, disturbing and upsetting reason, the sexualization of children is also part of that agenda. Slowly but surely, new content keeps pushing the envelope, slightly going too far, chipping away at moral decency to make the sexuality of children fair game.

Why? Because Hollywood and the world elite are full of children lovers and they want to normalize their derangement.

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Kids show or not, this is a problem. Stop sexualizing children, stop making it comedic, stop normalizing it. Its not normal and its sick.

This is surely a big NO for our kids!

Anything Liberal is not for children 🚫

Actually tried watching episode 1 of this yesterday and I couldn’t make it to the end. I found the conversations and language too disturbing and offensive. It was too sexual for my liking and made me very uncomfortable and i’m 34 years old

Hahaha have you actually ever had sex?

I can only only use an expletive to describe my feelings. The dam has finally broke and the dirty water is pouring all over the world (Netflix is now worldwide) from our (West—USA) diseased culture.

That sounds absolutely horrifying. I’m sure it’s not a kid show but of little doubt that kids will see that it’s animated and non Vigilant parents will miss the fact that they are watching it.
This is a good article but please, please do not call them “child lovers”. That is so far from Love that it shouldn’t even be thought of in the same paragraph let alone the same phrase.
I’m not sure what to call them. The term pedophile is also a misnomer given that it’s means the same thing. And child predators so more accurate is still a little too vague. So I need some help and coming up with a better term.
Thank you for notifying us of yet another atrocity.

Exactly, many kids end up watching adult animated shows and the like because most parents these days are too busy to care or just simply don’t. I can’t imagine how many children have seen the horrible, twisted things in Sausage Party. The majority of the newer crop of adult animated shows and movies aren’t even smart or intelligent, they rely on shock imagery, graphic content and gross out humor. If you’re aiming for adults, there’s so much different you can do because adults should have more of an understanding of all sorts of things, and animation can be a beautiful and artistic artform. But instead, you go for the lowest common denominator?
That makes me believe there really is an underlying agenda in this form of media. This show is more proof.

It’s called pedophilia only if you are attracted to youngsters, and pedosexuality if you act on it. Should we lock up all racists or just people that commit hate crimes? This whole “pedophilia is bad” campaign is a moral front to hide behind with your own twisted and indecent thoughts. Sure, hurting someone else is bad, but having an independent mind is human nature and not to be condemned.
So learn your terms before you use them to make arguments; you end up defeating yourself otherwise.
Stupid crusaders…

No we should BLIND sex offenders, pedophiles, pederasts, and rapists!
Blind men can’t watch porn (kiddie or otherwise), blind men can’t kidnap, and blind men can’t rape (you have to be able to see in order to catch your victim).
Castration (physical or chemical) does not work, but turning a predator into a blind man certainly would.
No need for prisons either!

So only men are pedophiles? I think you are already blind.

And if you think taking sight away from an individual will stop the impulses from causing them to act, you are ignorant as well.

Just the “penis nose” on the hormone monster is enough to rattle me.

The agenda is real but this is not a kid’s show

adults are sheeple too. their target audience is ALL. all are being groomed to participate and/or cheerlead in support of this filth and perversion exactly as they have done with homosexuality.

being gay isn’t being perverted though, it’s a relationship between two consenting adults who aren’t doing anything different than any other couple on this planet

Don’t be robbed of your sense by the devil! God condemns being gay and its in the bible! Sodom and Gomorrah collapsed because of this!

Our Creator doesn’t condemn homosexuality since it is a choice made with our Source given freewill that doesn’t harm another being. Our Creator does not judge. Our Creator is love. The Bible was written authorized by the victors as a tool for control and manipulation. Go read the Nag Hammadi if you want to read the Bible bc that’s about as close as you’ll get. You have been brainwashed. Lose the religion. It is a trap. Look within, you will find our Creator there. Not in an old book filled with contradictions and a vengeful god.

I agree. It’s aimed at adults to condition them to see children as sex objects.

In my opinion, this is a lot more insidious than a bunch of Hollywood pedos pushing their sickness. I watched a documentary ten years ago about the future of pornography. They mostly interview people who make porno and they all said child porn was the next big thing. Most of them said it was making them sick to think of it, but they are pornographers, so I’m not sure I take that sentiment at face value, but it got me thinking…porno is really about making money, so if child porn is coming (and legalized), then the makers know it will make a tremendous amount of money or they wouldn’t bother. There aren’t that many real pedos to constitute a large enough market to generate the kind of payoff the business is looking for, so what gives? Sure there are fetish videos of all kinds, but that’s not what they were talking about. It is the next BIG thing. Not marginal. I think it is this (or has some to do with this) : If you can brainwash people to the point that they no longer want to protect the innocent and vulnerable, ie. children, if people see their own children… Read more »

“In the last days…..all will be void of natural affection…perverse…”

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

This was really creepy. Sometimes I focus on the positive things about our society but when I hear about the moral degeneracy of our society it’s hard to keep focusing on the positive things.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Pray without ceasing.

I was wondering why Netflix was being peddled by other companies. I forget which items or services it is, but the commercial said it comes with a free subscription to Netflix. They really want us all to have it. Now we know why. Kids will watch this. Teens definitely. All to normalize the androgynous baphomet. I’ll be keeping my Pureflix account and canceling Netflix.

2 seconds later back on Netflix binge watching lol.

I got rid of Netflix probably almost 3 years ago. Haven’t seen a movie since 2009 and haven’t had cable since 2011. Sometimes I do watch the news or some extremely limited stuff on tv I get from a free antenna but that’s super rare. My kids don’t have tablets or phones or computers (they may later on but access will be extremely limited). None of us have social media of any sort.

I love the Internet and was an early user but so much bad has come from it that I wish it was never invented. People simply cannot live without any of it now and it’s sad and scary. All people seem to talk about is movies or tv or shows and everything is branded and tied into some dumb media promotion. If you and others choose this foolishness and evil over reality, that’s a shame. I don’t miss any of it and only wish I had done it sooner. The only bad thing is I canno relate to others at all. They’re like aliens but honestly, why would I want to be like that?

Television, video games, cell phones, tablets, etc. are nothing more than surveillance devices for the government/Big Brother.
We were deceived into taking them into our homes with the promise of instant information, exciting entertainment, and convenience.
Now everything that we see, hear and read is controlled by 6 major corporations that work hand in hand with the NSA, CIA and other government entities.
You have cut the cord Astra, and I applaud you!
If all of us did the same, we’d be starving the beast and putting these monsters out of business.

Speak for yourself.

Netflix has become the MTV of streaming! They are putting out nothing but trash!

I’ll say this! America, turn the other cheek doesn’t mean let evil mow you over! The cowardly American has slept far to long!

WTFF?! (What the fucking fuck) is this shit?!! And who (age group) exactly are they targeting with this trash??
I will damn sure be using parental controls.

Parental Control? How about dropping Netflix? Why would you pay them to see their line up of trash content? Enough is enough.

Freakn weird. More tv i won’t be watching. But fortunately im sure this show won’t be on for very long bc most likely it will surly suck

Unfortunately, the exact opposite is probably the case. The shittiest shows stay on television, while soulful, thought provoking shows (i.e. underground ) are cancelled abruptly after 2 soul awakening seasons. Based on the level of filth this show is pushing, it will be on for the next 10 years. ..

You are very likely correct. I worked in TV and film for years and there is a good reason crap stays on TV and there are so many rotten movies. It’s about agenda first. Look at Seth McFarland’s Family Guy, etc. Big money paid for sickening brainwashing. Turn it all off.

So are people going to sue the jews who made this pedo show or are we just gonna sit back and accept this degeneracy again? Just talking is not going to stop them from spreading their filth among the youth. Everyone needs to cancel their subscription to Netflix, and we need to sue these scumbags. This show is illegal.

Are you kidding??? What next? This is absolutely VILE!! Axe this rubbish immediately Netflix!!

It’s definitely a question of who in which age group is going to watch this. I think the agenda of sexualizing children is real. At the same time there are real taboos and shame at places, where they shouldn’t be, for example about menstruation. It’s good to break this and to talk about it. At the same time they’re crossing other limit, where it’s good and important, that they are there: for example the dad telling his son, men can kiss other people’s penises. That was gross – not because he said it, but because he said it to his own son, but also the fact that he said it at all is pointing to the agenda of pushing homosexuality. So this little scene is trying to normalize two things at once: homosexuality and adults messing with their child’s sexuality/intimicy.
So I just think it’s important to distinguish between these things. It’s their (the elite’s) way of doing things, that they always have some bit of truth – some bait – to lure the people to all the sh** they want to feed them with.

… crossing other limitS, …

Show created by 4 Jews, natch

That this comes from the crew of ‘Family Guy’ does not surprise me. Seth MacFarlane has been an Illuminati Golden Child for years. Shows like ‘Family Guy’ & ‘American Dad’ have done their part in the dumbing down of America. I laugh when the ‘South Park’ boys hate being compared to those shows because the crap they produce is part of the problem too. All crass with no class.

Don’t delete my comment just because you don’t agree. That’s not very inclusive.

There have been other animated shows for adults with similar or worse content. I remember an episode of south park where (skip this if you are sensible about this stuff) people were unknowingly drinking a certain body fluid of a prepubescent kid branded as an energy drink. It’s disgusting to write about it but was hilarious in execution. That said, when there is a single show that is “edgy” and “controversial” you know that it alone will push the boundaries of good taste and all is well and good. When EVERYONE and their mom are “pushing the boundaries of what is accetable” then we have an issue, because it stops being counter cultular and becomes just cultural. I understand those that say “duh it’s just a cartoon” and feel that this is a “moral panic” kind of thing, but a surplus of products like this erode little by little the idea that kids are NOT sexual subjects not in the sense that they do not have a sexuality (you have a sexuality from the moment you have genitals, which is like, very early) but that it is something immature and to be treated with respect and sensibility. Briefly said, if… Read more »

ADDENDUM: the fact that very little kids can have some kind of sexual activity doesn’t mean that we should put a spotligh on it, and certainly not in this kind of voyeuristic and narcisistic society. Not because we should be prudes, but because it’s one of the most intimate parts of humans and the one where the most damage can be done if handled without care. Maybe there is a world where the sexuality of not-adults can be explored on public media with sensibility and respect and for wholesome purposes, it sure as hell ain’t this one.

Is it just me or do the characters look Jewish?

Wow, I just watched the first 2 episodes yesterday (fast-forwarded through some) to see why is was in Netflix’s “spotlight” and omg it was cringe-worthy! There’s like no break between horrible, sexual comments or innuendos! And it’s so OBVIOUS that this show is just wrong that I’m seriously surprised people are praising it in the comments but thankfully there were a lot of 1-star reviews. The prevalent thought I had throughout my viewing was how are these kids who haven’t even hit puberty yet know all this sexual shit? And what is up with the parents???? Ew! Also, the Hormone Monster devil thing is DISGUSTING! So blatant there!

I watched all the episods, to get an opinion about it, and I think the ‘trailer” was truly nice, because the serie is about : homos,porno addiction, masturbation, promiscious, pedo, incest jokes, violence with parents, the children talks with the demons of sexuality and ghosts…and I thought there was a good lesson behind all this sh*t but it clearly promoting the sexuality, and to accept the news mores/morales…
I am 23yo and I was wondering, what kind of public has to watch this ? because it’s about teenage’s problems revolved with solutions for adults…it’s so weird and the main kids in this serie are between 12/13 y.o… Who need to watch this serie ? SICK world

just check french movies from 1995 to now and you will notice since when the agenda is pushing this. heck, even miley cyrus / hannah Montana is an example!
check; leon the professional (yeah right, Leon/Lion), my father the hero, and Un moment d’égarement

Education isn\'t taboo

If you see this as anything more than educational in a humourous and frankly relateable way, then maybe it’s YOU who needs their head checked. I’d have loved to have this show when I was wading through the utter confusion and hormonal disorder that is puberty.

Regardless of what you prudes do, young people are going to have sex. Young people are going to experiment, and they’re going to make occasional mistakes. Better to let them know what’s up so they can be informed when the time comes.

Face it, you can’t deny statistics. In areas with low or no sex education tend to have the highest prevalence of STIs, teenage pregnancies, and broken families.

Sex is natural. Censorship isn’t.

This is not aimed at kids. You know, not all cartoons are aimed at children. E.G. Family Guy, American Dad, the Cleveland Show, Bobs Burgers, Archer, Etc.

Did anyone else notice that the hormone monster looks like the pagan god Pan, a notorious child rapist?

It actually IS normal. It’s people that repress it and make it taboo and shameful that are making people VIOLENT. They don’t think they can be themselves and become resentful. Human blood is on the hands of evangelical assholes:))

The show is rated M. You’re a shit parent if you let your kids watch it. Sexualizing children? That’s a bit of a reach. As an adult who grew up, I saw this not only hilarious but insightful on all the shit I went through in Jr. High. Puberty is weird, embarrassing, humiliating, and confusing. Looking back on it as an adult? It’s the funniest thing ever. This isn’t child porn, it’s pushing the fact that YOUR 14 YEAR OLD IS THINKING ABOUT SEX. Just like you were.

Several things that seem completely ignored or misunderstood: 1) Cartoons =/= children’s shows. The association of animation with children’s programming is really a bizarre historical mistake. If you watch the old original Looney Tunes from the 1930s and 1940s, they are shockingly adult because they were made by adults for adults – that’s why so many of them are now considered “offensive” and are no longer shown on TV. 2) Animation as an art form is employed not to lure children into adult themes but to tell stories visually that would require expensive special effects and CGI that would have been impossible before the advent of computers and are still cost-prohibitive. Again, animation =/= for children. 3) I watched the trailer and I did not see anything about “the sexualization of children.” That any of you did says way more about you than the content of this cartoon. Rather, the topic seems to be a humorous take on adolescents from an adult retrospective. I presume that most everyone reading this was an adolescent at one point or another: if you are trying to pretend that you were never preoccupied with thoughts about your body and sex and having sex with… Read more »

Lousy comparison ~30’s & 40’s cartoons, whether Betty Boop or Tex Avery, did not have prepubescent kids showing their genitals – the idea of using cartoon children in “humorous sexual situations” was simply unthinkable. The more adult cartoon fare that existed was to entertain the troops at war. This is like seeing a PG-17 cartoon version of ‘The Wonder Years’ with all its innocent charm stripped away. Guess we have South Park to thank for setting the bar so low. Eeeyuck.

Lol, no the comparison is not false. The author of this brilliant piece of journalism assumed that “animation” means “for kids” which is completely baseless.

I have watched 4 episodes so far and I find it intermittently amusing, but not evidence of a Reptilian ZioWood conspiracy to turn kids into sex pizzas.

This is why I don’t watch T V unless it’s educational news outlets or boxing 🤣 Anything else is actually a waste of time 🕢

this show looks hilarious lmao to say its “sexualizing children” is an incredible reach. you have to be really trying to find everything offensive if thats how you feel about this. grow up lmao.

This obviously isn’t a kids show it’s no worse than Rick and Morty.
I don’t know why the writer is acting so surprised we see these kinds of cartoons all the time now and we have Anime which has always sexualized children and has used the f word a few times….

The show is rated M. You’re a shit parent if you let your kids watch it. Sexualizing children? That’s a bit of a reach. As an adult who grew up, I saw this not only hilarious but insightful on all the shit I went through in Jr. High. Puberty is weird, embarrassing, humiliating, and confusing. Looking back on it as an adult? It’s the funniest thing ever. This isn’t child prob, it’s pushing the fact that YOUR 14 YEAR OLD IS THINKING ABOUT SEX. Just like you were.


Who cares, the characters on this show are ugly as fuck. No pedos will be fapping to this show anytime soon.

Get some help.